Stealing case investigated at Lamarti’s

On 04/10/2019, Deputy Weiser was dispatched to Lamarti’s Gas Station for a theft that just occurred. On camera, a white Ford Mustang was seen in the North Parking Lot, a male subject then exited the driver seat and walked inside the store. A female was still seen sitting in the front passenger seat. The female was described as skinny with black hair. The male subject walked to an isle with key chains. The male individual took 3 key chains off of a display; he then ripped the tags off of them and placed them in his pocket.

Deputy Weiser then went over to the vehicle, and parked behind it in the parking lot. The driver, Casey Burge, matched the description of what was observed on the security video. The male subject was asked to step out of the vehicle. When Casey asked what he did wrong, Deputy Weiser informed him he was going being detain and was placed into handcuffs. The female subject, Tiffany Burge, was asked to step out of the vehicle as well, and was detained with handcuffs. Casey was asked if he had any stolen items inside of the vehicle or on his person; Casey stated no. Casey was informed that he was seen on security footage taking key chains from the gas station; Casey continued to denied stealing the key chains. Casey was then informed that a search of his vehicle would be conducted, for the stolen key chains. Sgt. Shaw with the Lamar Police Department then arrived on scene to back up Deputy Weiser.  During the search of the vehicle, a burnt glass pipe with white residue was located, and also three stolen key chains were located underneath the paraphernalia. Upon finishing the search, a black case with 6 more meth and marijuana pipes were located.

Both subjects were transported to the Barton County Jail, where Casey Burge was issued two summon’s to court, which were Stealing and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Tiffany Burge was issued one summon’s to court, for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.