Welcome to Barton County

“The primary mission of the Barton County Sheriff’s Office is to keep the peace, enforce the law and ensure public safety in Barton County. In keeping with this general mission, the Sheriff’s Department personnel will assist all county agencies and citizens with civil and criminal matters by service for the Circuit Court of warrants, summonses, and any other court orders directed to the Sheriff for action.

In accordance with the necessary duties to maintain high standards of performance, ALL personnel strive to be courteous, fair, objective, and helpful. Good Judgement, training, and experience are qualities desired in deputy sheriffs and all staff in the Sheriff’s Office.

With great pride and respect, our goal is to maintain the confidence of citizens, the general public, and other agencies, through our dedication and hard work.”

-L. Mitchell Shaw
Sheriff of Barton County

Barton County is located in southwest Missouri and is one of 114 counties. It is home to over 12,000 residents.

Barton County covers 597 square miles, of which 592 is land and 4.8 miles is water. The county is named after US Senator David Barton from Missouri.

Lamar is the county seat for Barton County. Lamar is the home to many figures in US History including President Harry S. Truman, whose birthplace is a state park in the city, and three Admirals who served at his command during World War II. Lamar was where wild west legend Wyatt Earp got his start in law – serving as the city’s second Constable.